instaPOS is a all-around service provider. Discover all the ways in which we facilitate your management of customers and payments over the phone:

  • immediately start collecting telephone and web payments by credit card;
  • if your core business is paid telephone services, the duration of the calls is automatically managed by our system. You will never have to worry about disconnecting phone calls manually: once the prepaid duration of the call is over, it will be paused and the customer will be offered to reload again to continue in the same conversation;
  • start working without investing anything thanks to instaPBX, our cloud PBX (free if you use our payment services!);
  • show potential customers on your site the status of operators (online, offline, free, busy, paused) in real time thanks to the universal instaWidget plugin (free if you use instaPBX);
  • you can set a different per minute price for each of your operators;
  • take advantage of our services immediately with a 90% revenue on sales, contact us right now!
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