Whatever business you lead, it is your duty to take advantage of all possible payment methods. instaPOS is the payment services provider that allows you to accept credit card payments over the phone, fully automatically.

Our strengths

Accept payments using an innovative method

The only fully PCI-DSS compliant provider

Attract non internet savvy customers

credit card payment processing service provider


If you run a prepaid telephone assistance center, don’t miss out the opportunity to use our related services:

  • use our free cloud PBX, easily manageable
  • free plugin to show the status of your agents in real time on your website
  • make sure that your calls get automatically disconnected based on the customer's balance
  • set a different per minute price for each of your agents
  • keep your and your customers' money safe thanks to our PCI-DSS compliant environment
show operators' status on your website

Implement our brilliant solutions

new customers

Easily attract new customers

increase company incomes

Quickly increase company incomes

grow your business

Definitely grow your business


what they say about us
  • business woman

    “instaPOS helped us to integrate revenues, channeling customers who wouldn’t have considered us before”

    Project Manager
  • old businessman

    “My company situation was critical, instaPOS gave us the right push to recover

    Business Owner
  • handsome businessman

    “We immediately noticed the turnover increase after starting with instaPOS”

    Chief Financial Officer
pci-dss compliant service provider